Joram Baruch

About myself

My name is Joram Baruch, painter and entrepeneur . 
Born May16-1962 in the Netherlands.   After a short study graphic design at 18, I started as a free lance designer and moved to Israel. 5 years later I decided that it was time to expand my skills and started a study Industrial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milano. (Italy) . After my studies I choose another path in life as music manager and organizer of events in Italy and Netherlands. Later I produced music videos and worked on several feature films.
From 1995 till 2000, I was participating in a silkscreen printing art studio and owned a booking agency. 

In 2001 I moved to Costa Rica to start my own Lounge/restaurant Shake Joe's, designed and build it from scratch (a childhood dream). What eventually became one of the most popular destinations in the Pacific. I managed the restaurant for ten years, until  I decided in 2011 that it was time for a change and returned to Netherlands
Here I started with my new passion, painting. Which I do with airbrush, acrylic and oilpaint on Canvas. Since then I creted more than 250 paintings.
Participated in many exhibitions in the Netherlands, Israel, USA, France and Germany.
In 2016  I  started a new challenge in organizing Bodypaint events in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Bodypaint Art Event became  a yearly returning festival. From December 2019 I was the happy owner of a studio and Gallery in the centre of Amsterdam.
Recently I reside at Treehouse Ndsm, an artist playground in the North of Amsterdam.

Project 2023: They had no idea what the future would bring.


2013 Klashorst Gallery, Kasbank – Amsterdam, Diep – Amsterdam, Kis Gallery,
2014 Opening Artistic Year – Amsterdam,  Pachot mi elef -Tel Aviv, Art &Twist – Tel Aviv,  Warehouse 100 – Tel Aviv.
2015 Klashorst Gallery, Wicked Kitchen – Amsterdam, Loods 18 – Kerkrade, Dam’s collective – Amsterdam.
2016 Jewish Historical Museum – Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg – Amsterdam, Betsy’s – Amsterdam, Kiss Gallery – Amsterdam. Paradiso – Amsterdam 
2017 Josha – Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg – Amsterdam, Du Colombier – Paris, Salon 1813 – Apeldoorn, Het Paard van Troje – Den Haag
2018 NDSM fuse – Amsterdam, Carlton Hotel NL, De Barones
2019 Dokhuis Gallery Amsterdam.
2020 Connie Bos Gallery -Amsterdam 
2021 Treehouse NDSM
2021 Open Ateliers Adam
2022 Wihh Gallery – Go Gallery Amsterdam – Nachtbrodchen International Art.

Happy Customers

Body Paint Art

In every person hides an artist or a model and therefore its very important to be able to express our selves.

It does not really matter if you are pretty, good looking, really smart or if you are the best artist and studied for years on an art school, In Bodypainting everybody can find a way to express themselves and become the human canvas or the painter of it.

The only thing we promote is freedom of expression no matter what. Instead of other organizations we are a non political and a no statements making Art group.

We don’t protest, we don’t discriminate, we are not nudist, not sexual. But we recognize that every human being is born naked and we should appreciate the fact that our bodies are worth to be showed and can be pieces of Art.

The so called HUMAN CANVAS.

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